Get me to the conference on time!

As so many countries around the globe face the challenges of economic and financial recovery, entrepreneurship and small business are increasingly key to a regeneration of local and regional, as well as national, economies. This month’s blog therefore highlights two very relevant conferences that will be in Cardiff in November 2013.

The ISBE 2013 Conference (“Escape Velocity: Entrepreneurship in an Internationalising Environment”) is coming to Cardiff City Hall on 12th & 13th November 2013(with associated activities on 11th and 14th November). The theme for this year’s conference will be focused on the diverse ways in which internationalisation processes are shaping entrepreneurship, in both home and export, through the following tracks:-

  • Business Creation and Business Closure
  • Business Support Policy and Practice
  • Creative Industries Entrepreneurship
  • Business Growth
  • Enterprise Education
  • Entrepreneurial Learning in Organisations
  • Entrepreneurship in Minority Groups
  • Family Business
  • Finance, Venture Capital, Taxation and Regulation
  • Gender and Enterprise
  • ICT, IT and E-Business in the Small Firm Sector
  • International Entrepreneurship
  • Networks, Innovation and Resource Acquisition
  • Rural Entrepreneurship
  • Social, Environmental and Ethical Enterprise

In addition to papers delivered in these tracks there will also be panel debates, specialist workshops, and policy discussion activities. The South West England and Wales Branches of the Regional Studies Association are also holding their joint conference, entitled “Growing Regional Economies: Wales and the South West of England in Relative Context”   in Cardiff (Thursday 14th November 2013, Cardiff City Hall: 9am-3.15pm).

This is also designed to facilitate and stimulate dialogue between policy makers and academics to enhance and improve understanding of the workings of our economies and to make the UK’s regions and nations better places to live. The themes are :-

  • Local economic development and Regional growth policy in context, including the city-region
  • Entrepreneurship, FDI and internationalisation processes
  • Skills development, Knowledge Sourcing, and impacts of policies such as Enterprise Zones
  • The Role and Scope of Universities in Regional Economic Growth
  • Health and Poverty in local and regional contexts
  • Impacts of the economic crisis

 The Regional Studies conference also offers an opportunity to network with academics and practitioners, with a focus on the South West of England and South Wales. Further information regarding the conference, including early submission of conference abstracts and papers can be found by contacting Professor David Pickernell, Centre for Enterprise, Business School, University of Glamorgan, Pontypridd, CF37 1DL E-mail:


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